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Abe on Reform Course


In his first policy speech at the Diet on 12 February, the Prime Minister highlighted his resolve to “tackle theRead more

Inward FDI to Japan Soars


A big bulk of this investment went into real estate regarded cheap especially by Asian investors. But inward FDI levelsRead more

Japan, the most indebted nation?


The new McKinsey Global Institute study does not look only at state debt but also includes indebtness of households, companiesRead more

Asia In ‘The New Global Context’ At Davos


The annual Davos meeting gets more international every year, reflecting the unrelenting trend towards globalization. It has recently attracted moreRead more

Abe at Japan Inc. New Year Party


Abe was rather upbeat and displayed huge confidence coming fresh from his recent election success. He stressed that there hasRead more

Toyota Mirai as the Future of Cars


  Back in 1997, Toyota was the first maker to present a hybrid vehicle, the famous Prius. I remember wellRead more

10 Predictions for 2015


But now let’s focus on the future. Here are my predictions for 2015: 1) Politics 1: The popularity of primeRead more

Japan After the Elections


If the forecasts are not completely off, the LDP and Komeito coalition will keep their super majority. It is evenRead more

IBM, Citrix and Japan’s Way into the Cloud


But according to these two industry leaders there is huge interest and also action moving into these areas including relyingRead more

Freefloat Carsharing for Japan


The short answer is: Not any time soon. Japanese regulators quote public parking space problems and are rather reluctant toRead more

Asahi and the Need for an Opposition


The scandal around the Asahi Shimbun is not just a scandal caused by the Asahi Shimbun but a long-term threatRead more

Takata, Gaiatsu and the MLIT

The term gaiatsu (pressure from the outside) is usually applied for situations when foreigners, foreign companies or governments push forRead more

Next Keizai Doyukai Chairman Wise Choice


Next April, Kobayashi, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp., will replace Yasuchika Hasegawa, Chairman of Takeda Pharmaceuticals, atRead more

Decision for Snap Elections is a Disappointment


There are good political reasons to do so. And there are also good political reasons to postpone the consumption taxRead more

Kuroda Unchained (by Peter Tasker)


Peter Tasker, a long-time analyst and commentator of the Japanese finance world, gets it right in his nicely written analysis.Read more

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