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Some Professional PR in Collective Self-Defense Debate


The debate on allowing Japan to exercise the right to collective self-defense under specific conditions had its most recent highlightRead more

My Thoughts in Japan Times on Industry 4.0


Please find my most recent column in today’s Japan Times. I argue that recent changes in German (and global) manufacturingRead more

Abe Talks Big on Defense Exchanges in Europe


Prime Minister Abe just finished his week-long trip to six European countries. Probably, his biggest achievement was the agreement toRead more

Dubious Testimonial over Nanjing


The Japan Times just reported a major dispute over former New York Times Tokyo Bureau Chief Henry Stokes’ recent Japanese¬†bookRead more

Gearing Up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics


The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will probably become a milestone for the international re-positioning of Japan. For sure, they will giveRead more

Industry 4.0 – Japan Might Miss the Train


The fourth industrial revolution that merges the industrial infrastructure with the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing will come. NobodyRead more

The Diplomat: “Japan – A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing”


I have written a lot about Japan’s foreign policy and its perception abroad in this blog. I also strongly recommendRead more

China is Prevailing over Japan in Nation(alistic) Branding


You/I might not like it. But China is doing a better job than Japan in winning over global public opinionRead more

Japanese Buying Spree Abroad Continues


Another record: Never before Japanese companies have bought as many foreign firm as they did in 2013. And there isRead more

My Thoughts on Structural Reforms in Japan Times


The Japanese economy can do without structural reforms. I have put this slightly controversial thesis at the core of myRead more

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