We are experienced international strategic consultants who help solve business problems through communications. Our success is founded upon an understanding of multiple stakeholder groups, the specific dynamics of individual sectors and markets and long-standing experience of having worked in industry, finance, politics and media.

We work on some of the most high profile international financial transactions; with activist investors and those trying to avoid their attention; on long-term mandates to protect, promote and restore reputations; we help companies deal with change and to hire and retain the brightest talent; and we’ve built key relationships to politicians and those who advise them.

We are not constrained by precedent or procedure. Our value lies in being able to look at each client and every mandate through fresh eyes, understanding the objectives and delivering either the very simple or very complex communications solution that the situation demands.

Whether attracting and retaining the highest quality talent, sourcing new customers and clients, or securing the support of investors, a strong reputation lies at the heart of every successful organisation.

We work to achieve concrete results and competitive advantages for our clients through outstanding corporate communications.

With years of operational experience, we have the expertise and know-how required to build close and productive working relationships with key decision-makers and executive teams.

Our approach is defined by our focus on the long-term reputation of each of our clients. We study the various relationships between an organisation and its stakeholders and create bespoke programmes that deliver against specific objectives.

Our creative programmes build and consolidate enduring reputations that promise quality, protect against future issues, reduce the cost of capital, and deliver commercial success.

An organisations brand and reputation is a foundation for its long-term success and value creation. Developing long-term brand value and consistency takes time and the right expertise.

In a world where social media provides everyone with a platform to communicate, reputations and brand equity can be seriously damaged in a matter of hours. We work with many of the world’s biggest and leading corporate brands to refine, build and restore their reputations, often after challenging times in their brand evolution.

Additionally, our expertise in reputation management and corporate brand positioning is of equal importance to the significant number of niche, mid-sized, and family businesses and individuals that we are proud to count among our clients.

Often, clients need a platform, be it physical or digital, to allow them to develop ideas and to demonstrate a vision, plan or commitment.  We deliver these platforms as well as providing the tailored content required for a vision to take shape and be recognised.

Media profile is crucial to any corporate reputation. With the media becoming ever more diverse, sophisticated and analytical and with consumption moving online, stories spread quickly, and linger for longer, creating both opportunities and threats for organisations worldwide.

Our relationships and deep understanding of the media across platforms and jurisdictions is a key competitive advantage and helps our clients build lasting and enduring reputations.

The rise of social media means that the conversation between an organisation and its stakeholders is always ‘on’. We have the in-house tools to ensure 24/7 social media monitoring and analysis and develop sophisticated and creative campaigns that allow companies to maintain a constant dialogue with their stakeholders across multiple geographies at all times.

A quarter of ‘very talented people’ plan to leave their existing place of work within the next twelve months.

Human talent acquisition and retention is critical to the modern business agenda, with talent management being a top three business critical issue for today’s CEO’s. Employer branding and employer reputation is essential in ensuring your organisation is attracting the very best talent, both for today and for tomorrow.

Our corporate communications team specialises in employer reputation management, working with some of the world’s biggest brands and employers, often after troubling periods in their history.

With a media neutral approach, our award winning experts deliver employer branding and talent acquisition strategies, campaigns and bespoke marketing communication tools that build reputations and position our clients as employers of choice.

Investment in science and innovation is crucial to the long-term success of many companies. When communicated effectively, it can deliver substantial reputational benefits, strengthening a company’s image and showcasing commitment to tackling social and environmental challenges.

We work with a range of clients from large multinational companies to research institutions and NGOs to build their reputation through science. Whether it’s communicating new research findings, or delivering platforms to demonstrate a company’s long-term innovation strategy, we develop solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

The sustainability of an organisation is central to its corporate reputation. Stakeholders increasingly demand responsible growth. We have helped companies change the way they operate and communicate their ability to achieve financial, social and environmental returns.

The sustainability of an organisation is defined by its ability to achieve long-term growth and to deliver long-term returns for its stakeholders. This requires a company to be aware of all of the factors that can impact its performance, positively or negatively, over a long period of time. Some of these factors will be financial, but others will include environmental, social and governance issues.

We lead the industry in understanding the sustainability factors that can impact stakeholder decision-making. We apply our knowledge to help companies change the way that they operate, communicate best practice internally, and demonstrate to the outside world that they believe that responsible business practice contributes to long term growth.

Presenting in public, or interviewing with a journalist is an art. But it’s an art that can be perfected through practice.

At CNC, we give you the best training and practice available. Perhaps you are a senior executive preparing for a capital markets day? Maybe you have a round of press and TV interviews scheduled around an important corporate announcement, or you want to prepare for a crisis should it occur – but have had little experience?

Between them, our trainers have decades of experience at the top of some of the world’s best known media organisations. They have asked those difficult questions, and can train you to answer them. We’ll get you bulletproof on your messaging, and we’ll practice with you until you are perfect.

Find out more to train with the best.

Effective engagement with international capital markets is an essential role for today’s business leader. We ensure our clients communicate their investment case with clarity and consistency across global markets.

Effective and engaged communication creates value. A clear strategy and consistent investment proposition will be rewarded, so we work with clients to build and communicate a message that resonates.

We work with clients on the day-to-day financial calendar, on peer group evaluation and on supporting them through periods of fundraising in equity or debt markets and through complex transactions. Although advising on these transactions is a strong component of our offer, we are not driven solely by the deal. We see a transaction as an opportunity to strengthen the often complex relationship between an organisation and the capital markets and to build or consolidate the long term investment reputation of our client.

A successful merger, acquisition or defence can define the career of a business leader and the reputation and performance of an organisation for years to come. We are an internationally recognised M&A partner, with a wealth of experience gained from advising on some of the largest and most complex transactions in recent years including some 30 transactions in 2014 alone.

Our recognised success in M&A comes from providing quality strategic communications advice to ambitious companies and their advisors engaging in large complex cross border transactions, hostile bids, tender offers and private equity / venture capital investments and exits.

Transactions are demanding and require a senior team of specialists with knowledge of the M&A process, the requirements of the disparate stakeholder groups concerned and of a variety of regulatory landscapes. We provide this experience, as well as a commitment to helping ensure that the transaction delivers shareholder value well after it has completed.

We are the clear global leaders in advising clients on IPOs and secondary fund raising. Our team has advised companies from over 40 countries, helping them and their advisors raise over $200 billion.

We have unrivaled understanding of the regulatory frameworks that apply to an IPO and have demonstrated that we can work within these limits to deliver a high quality supportive backdrop for each transaction.

Our team has designed the marketing programmes for the first major IPO in many countries worldwide as well as for some of the largest and most complex transactions of the past 20 years.

We have a tried and tested methodology to work with clients to prepare them for IPO and then to ensure a fast start to life as a listed company.

Competition for capital is more intense than ever and reflects ever changing investor priorities. Sound investor communications is no longer a luxury, but a priority for any company seeking to maximise the value from public markets.

As an industry leader in international investor communications, we have advised small cap emerging markets companies through to many of the world’s biggest organisations. Applying international best practice standards are an important starting point, but we tailor our advice and solutions to be relevant and applicable to each of our clients whether the communications is targeted at equity or debt-focussed audiences.

We help our clients in managing market expectations, broadening sell-side coverage and ultimately helping to diversify the shareholder base, all while meeting the regulatory requirements of their respective markets.

Activism is an increasingly international phenomenon.  Our team is at the forefront of understanding the trends in activist behaviour and works both with and against activist approaches.

Despite internationalisation, successful activism depends to a large extent on understanding and anticipating local nuances in terms of expectations and behaviour and taking into account the increasing use of social media as a lobbying channel by activists.

The way a crisis or a major issue is managed can define a company’s reputation for years to come. Our experience means we can help you emerge stronger, more resilient and respected because of it.

Every organisation will face a critical issue at some stage. When you do, business leaders require a communications partner who can offer clear, independent and direct advice, based on years of experience: one reason why our experts have been called upon to advise on some of the most dramatic corporate crises of the past 15 years.

Our understanding and experience of dealing with a range of crises means that management can immediately show leadership to reduce the impact on their organisation’s reputation.

Our consultants are highly experienced in helping companies prepare for and address critical issues, around the clock.  They work alongside management, Boards, internal teams and advisers. They recognise that a communications strategy that builds trust and addresses all of those involved is often the deciding factor in successfully handling a crisis. The interests of employees, customers and suppliers must be taken into account alongside those of the banks, creditors and the political world.

A problem with a product or in the supply chain can have serious and potentially long-term implications for trust among opinion formers, regulators and, of fundamental importance, the customer.

We have extensive experience of working with management and communications teams to minimise the immediate and lasting impact of these events, using multiple platforms from formal meetings to social media to deliver the clear reassurance that is required.

Litigation support no longer covers just the courtroom, but also increasingly the “court of public opinion”.

Our litigation PR experts support clients by working as a mediator to balance the agendas of the media and the legal team. They link the legal and communication strategies and communicate to protect our clients before, during and after legal proceedings.

Detailed market and risk analysis is at the heart of strategic communications advice and decision-making. We use a number of bespoke tools as well as trusted external support to deliver relevant and robust reports to our clients.

One of these tools is the CNC Risk Audit: Private equity owners and members of the executive board of large corporations are often exposed to unknown reputational risks, inherent to their portfolios or business units. Our tailor-made analysis helps to identify and assess these hazards, in turn enabling the management to better protect its company’s reputation.

Find out here how the CNC Risk Audit works.


Restructuring can involve anything from workforce reductions, debt restructurings, divestments or occupational pension scheme funding. Success often depends on the support of a diverse mix of stakeholders including employees and their representatives, investors, regulators, suppliers and partners.

Our restructuring practice consolidates our significant expertise and capabilities to advise clients on the most appropriate communications approach to support a company’s strategy.

Cybercrime is one of the most significant existential risks to businesses and their reputations. Reported crimes are increasing year on year, hurting competitiveness, discouraging innovation, damaging trade and sapping growth. What’s more, as the PWC Economic Crime Survey 2016 reports, cyber risk now encompasses more than just our traditional view of computers. There has been a notable  increase in attacks involving the so called Internet of Things, including cars and household devices. The same study reveals a general lack of preparedness, despite increased awareness. Only just over a third of respondents in the PWC study had a fully operational response plan.

This is especially surprising given the potential damage to reputation which can be devastating. Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. By destroying reputations, cybercrime can destroy a business.

There is also now the regulatory pressure of the recently passed General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), which comes into force in 2018 in the UK and EU member states; requiring companies to communicate information regarding a data breach to their stakeholders within 72 hours and fining the non-compliant up to 4 per cent of their global annual turnover. Preparation is therefore critical.

At CNC we have developed a proprietary structured programme of risk assessment and scenario testing. These range from basic introductions to the key principles of cyber crisis communications, to development of full crisis manuals and bespoke immersive simulations. And when a cyber-issue occurs, we are ready to step in with an experienced global team that can provide communications support from materials drafting and digital monitoring through to communications with the media, customers and other stakeholders.

CNC also works with partners in the insurance, legal and cyber intelligence industries to give greater breadth and depth to our offering; including an exclusive partnership with specialist insurer Beazley, as a panellist on their Beazley Breach Response product.

The key to successful change is the effective adaptation of an organisation and its cultures to the new circumstances, regardless of their background. We support our clients through tailored change communications during periods of transition such as mergers, crises and re-organisation.

We work to gain a fundamental understanding of the history, goals and strategy as well as the existing framework of communication as this is critical to success in any change mandate. Through this we can ensure that the needs and emotions of all key internal and external stakeholders are addressed appropriately.

Our team has many years of in-house experience of change management and significant hands-on expertise. We can form change communications teams and train the in-house team members. We bring tried and tested approaches as well as long-standing links with specialist HR resources to offer a complete solution.

Effective PMI is a critical requirement for any M&A transaction to be seen as successful whether the deal has added a new subsidiary or combined two global giants.

We provide on-the-ground support to the integration process using the complete suite of communications techniques including more frequently than ever, social media channels.

Our expertise covers single-market solutions as well as complex multi-market global solutions managed together with the central client team.

In a fast-changing world of communications, optimising structures, reporting lines and roles has become an important element in ensuring that “always on” communications delivers as it is meant to.

Our expertise from more than 500 client mandates around the world each year places us in a unique position to advise management teams and communications heads on this area and to provide them with clear and appropriate benchmarks.

When a CEO leaves, even if the departure has long been expected, the organisation needs to adjust, take stock and move forward reflecting the strategy and management approach of the successor.

We work with new management and their teams to build trust inside the organisation as well as among external stakeholder groups to support the understanding of the developing strategy in the critical first 100 days.

Political frameworks and regulations are gaining in complexity. Today, social and political factors influence almost all corporate decisions in nearly all industries. Companies, institutions, even countries have to give voice to their interests in the public and political spheres.

We have the knowledge and experience to help our clients promote their interests with policy makers, legislators and other groups such as trade unions and non-governmental organisations to gain competitive advantage.

We offer tailor-made public affairs strategies and solutions based upon a precise analysis of political backgrounds and procedures and knowledge of the decision-makers and their interests.

Our experts forge understanding and build relationships with political decision-makers as well as representatives from civil society. Our unique network ensures our clients attain their goals through direct dialogue with all relevant stakeholders – getting the right message to the right person at the right time.

Our offices in provide public affairs advisory services to international clients with regard to all aspects of political communication. We also draw upon the public affairs expertise within the MSLGROUP across the EU, in Washington D.C., the Middle East and Asia.

Before companies are able to take decisions on market entry or a particular investment, they require reliable information on market regulation and the political agenda.

By undertaking political due diligence, we capture and analyse the regulatory and political frameworks on which a company’s strategic decisions depend.

We also provide exclusive information on the positions, attitudes and strategies of political decision makers and the underlying processes of opinion forming and decision-making. This analysis help our clients take the correct strategic decisions.

Companies extend their scope of action through active involvement in the political and regulatory environment. A company’s success depends on the buy-in of political decision makers.

We support our clients by helping to influence the political procedures of opinion forming and decision-making at regional, national and EU levels to ensure that the client’s voice is heard and their interests taken into account.

We work alongside our clients through the legislative process covering the preparation and agenda-setting phases as well as decision-making and implementation, ensuring that the company’s messages reach all relevant political decision-makers at the right time.

There are many different stakeholders in the public/political sphere, each with their own interests in and expectations of companies. Dialogue with these interest groups can promote and safeguard a company’s reputation.

We advise our clients during this dialogue with government, parliament, administration, regulatory authorities, associations, unions, foundations, churches and other NGOs and help them to build networks and strategic alliances.

We support companies and their managements to position themselves as corporate citizens aware of their responsibility to society as a whole. We facilitate dialogue with decision makers in the public/political sphere to help our clients gain lasting competitive advantage.

Capital market transactions like privatisations, initial public offerings or mergers and acquisitions often have highly political implications. Active and clear communication and the early involvement of political decision makers is essential to a transaction’s success.

We help to develop and implement strategies to address potential issues among relevant political stakeholders. We explain the social and economic consequences of a given transaction for the related region and stakeholders – generating political support or allaying potential concerns.

Online and social media have changed the speed and dynamics of how companies engage and communicate with their stakeholders.

Media is now global. Social media platforms allow stakeholders with a common interest to engage across geographies and sectors and a crisis will never be local in nature. Companies and brands are now subject to greater scrutiny.

We help clients capitalise on the multidirectional, discourse taking place online. We work with our offices around the world and our specialist agency partners to provide industry-leading digital counsel to our clients.

The focus of our work is on:

  • Consulting and strategy (brand and reputation navigation, crisis management, employee communications and CSR)
  • Conversation (influencer relationship management, social networks, mobile platforms and blogging)
  • Digital publishing (site development, content creation, multimedia, and programming)
  • Measurement and accountability (monitoring, metrics and analysis).