CNC supports online initiative to prevent eating disorders



NINETTE is an online initiative under the auspices of the Federal Minister of Health Hermann Groehe, which has been set up to address the prevention of eating disorders in Germany. NINETTE is the first platform of its kind. It provides information and education about the risks of eating disorders and offers the first online advisory service for the people affected.

In Germany, every third girl between the ages of 11 and 17 shows symptoms of eating disorders. With these figures continuing to rise it is important to fight against the voices who declare that thinness is perfection, particularly in the digital world.

CNC works with NINETTE on a pro-bono basis, supporting the initiative with their external communications, notably around the initiatives’ launch. CNC assists NINETTE to generate awareness amongst partnerships and patrons in the public and media sector.

To find out more about NINETTE, please click here