CNC – Brexit at Work barometer – Ambiguity on Brexit’s impact on the rise



Over the coming months our barometer, from a nationally representative sample of 1,200 UK medium and large enterprises, will provide a temperature check on changing views and opinions of managers across UK business post Brexit.

Key findings from the month November

 Article 50 – who is ready?
We found a majority (56%) of Leavers believe their businesses do have enough time to prepare for life outside the EU by 2019. However, only one-in-four (25%) Remainers think the same.

Self-fulfilling prophecy – Brexiteers have the advantage
Brexiteer Managers are more prepared for a life outside the EU. But they also believe that life outside the EU presents their businesses with new opportunities and advantages.

Ambiguity around Brexit
Although the UK’s workforce’s view on the impact of Brexit is still polarised between Remainers and Leavers compared to just after the referendum, we’re now seeing sentiment is starting to drift towards a more neutral standpoint.



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Kevin Soady

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