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6 Sept. 2014: Industry 4.0: Germany rethinks manufacturing
11 May 2014: Industry 4.0: Germany rethinks manufacturing
16 March 2014: Economy can do without structural reform
9 February 2014: First cracks appear in Abe’s PR campaign


15 December 2013: Leaders from outside box could ignite Japan
14 October 2013: Crumbling keiretsu networks good sign for foreign firms and Japan
19 August 2013: Japan must open up to foreign investment, especially from China
1 July 2013: Constitutional revision debate could make or brake ‘Abenomics’
22 Apr. 2013: Polished PR, perception strategy fourth arrow in ‘Abenomics’ quiver
25 Feb. 2013: Debate over weak yen and currency misses point


3 Dec. 2012: The best-kept secret in Japanese politics is that policies don’t matter
1 Oct. 2012: Flip-flop on no-nuclear energy bodes ill for the future of Japan
21 May 2012: For Better or Worse: Japan Might Remain Nuclear-Free Forever
5 March 2012: Todai plan to shift school year could be catalyst for wider Japanese reforms
9 Jan. 2012: South Korea’s opening leaves wishy-washy Japan farther behind


7 Nov. 2011: A U.S. of Euro Land may be what’s needed but unity is in short supply
19 Sept. 2011: Japan faces crossroads for rebranding itself after Fukushima crisis
18 July 2011: German energy study offers framework for Japanese policy chaos
9 May 2011: Tokyo Motor Show Faces Fundamental Facelift
7 March 2011: Germany’s economic miracle: New lessons await for old Japan


30 August 2010: Japan, Germany face less size and clout as anniversary nears
28 June 2010: Japan not competing hard enough to reap big rewards in Africa
05 April 2010: Japan-EU Summit a chance to chard a new decade of change


21 December 2009: Press club system a domestic dilema begging for change
02 November 2009: Japan, EU jockey for position in effort to ink India trade pact
05 October 2009: New Japan in sight as mind-sets, economy approach crossroads
24 August 2009: Iconic bullet train has yet to find its place in global rail industry
13 July 2009: Japanese choices in aviation market reveal overreliance on U.S.
1 June 2009: Will Europeans pass Japan in a post-GM global auto market?
27 April 2009: Bluders with North show Japan still child at handling media
23 March 2009: Crisis forces rethink: What makes name brands valuable?
16 February 2009: Germans, Japanese have good reasons for shunning equities


08 December 2008: Japan, Germany set to pounce on seismic shifts in auto industry
17 November 2008: Unlike blue chips, services firms Japans quirks thwart global reach
08 September 2008: Japan´s electronics giants acquire yen for European assets
11 August 2008: Beijing squeezed by Olympic ideals, populist distortions
07 July 2008: As Europe´s barriers rise, Japan´s decline
02 June 2008: Europe poised to take chance on reducing farm subsidies
05 May 2008: Japan lags European peers on female empowerment
07 April 2008: Economic dependency makes Japan a silent ally of China
10 March 2008: Isolationist tendencies threatening to turn Japan into a ‘subprime state’
04 February 2008: For Russia and Japan, bad blood not as thick as it seems
14 January 2008: Business scandals teach lesson few in Japan learn


17 December 2007: Green IT trend set to heat up, but will it cool the world down?
05 November 2007: Can new stock market keep startups in Tokyo?
08 October 2007: Japan´s huge ad market still slowing foreign firms
03 September 2007: Merkel to Japan: Leading G-8 not only about environment
30 July 2007: Foreign competition begins to overshadow Japan´s solar industry
02 July 2007: ‘Cool Earth’ efforts with Merkel could help Abe change climate in Japan
28 May 2007: Russian car boom catches eye of Japan, Germany
23 April 2007: Japan and Germany: partners in labor pain
26 March 2007: From steel and coal deal to integration: EU fetes 50 years of history
19 February 2007: Idle talk of ‘unbundling’ highlights EU’s energy dependency woes
22 January 2007: Demographics, wisdom push Japan’s overseas M&A deals


04 December 2006: Toyota, Isuzu and the sudden interest in diesel
30 October 2006: Will private equity boom in Japan? It did in Europe
02 October 2006: Lobbying the potent EU, whose influence is borderless