CNC – Brexit at Work barometer – Sentiment is changing



Over the coming months our Brexit barometer will provide a temperature check on changing views and opinions of managers across UK business post Brexit.

Key findings
Changing their minds…
When Managers voted in June, views on Brexit were polarised. Roughly half voted Leave and half voted Remain. However, the number of Leave voting managers who say they would now vote differently has doubled since October.

Why are some Leave voters changing their mind?
A high proportion of these Leave voters who would now vote differently stated that economic indicators (40%) and political changes (47%) since the vote were the reason for this change  in opinion.

Polarised views, but some common ground…
Whilst Leavers and Remainers disagree over whether Theresa May will get a Brexit deal that will benefit their business and that all 27 EU member states will agree on, their opinions converged around the government’s involvement in the negotiations. Both Leave and Remain managers now agree that the Brexit debate has become more about political posturing than the actual economy.

Nevertheless, the two sets of voters clearly have very different aims for the negotiations. Remainers prioritise staying in the single market, whereas Leavers feel that paying less should be the main goal.


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Kevin Soady

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